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Sunday 01/April/2018 - 12:55 AM
The world now faces a myriad of challenges, perhaps the most important of which is the extent to which it is capable of countering terrorism and the spread of the ideas of extremism and blind fanaticism, which are promoted by Islamic groups all over the world in an organized, financed, planned and accurate manner. 

The collapse of these movements in recent years in many Arab countries, such as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and other countries, may have prompted them to look forward to invading Europe. By doing so, they are hoping to find a fertile ground for spreading and widely expanding their ideas through intensifying recruitment operations of the second generation of migrants. These organizations are aided by generous funding from several countries that have an interest in their spread and strength in Europe such as Qatar, Turkey and Iran.
The spread of misconceptions about these groups in the West as democratic institutions that have been oppressed in their own countries by dictatorships has greatly helped in the penetration of these extremist movements in Europe. This matter has to stop or at least be interpreted and analyzed by someone that has dealt with these organizations, carefully examined their ideas and clashed with them, their leaders, cadres and supporters in the many debates for which they could not stand up for a single minute.

It has been confirmed to us in one-thirds of a century of a careful follow-up on these groups that the possession of knowledge is the bridge that can make us reach a proper understanding of the ideas and plans of those groups, whether in our Arab and Islamic countries or in Europe and the US. The lack of data is no longer our problem as it was in previous ages. On the contrary, the problem now is the flood of data, which makes the researcher, or those who want to build a vision, drown in a huge amount of data, some of which are contradicting the others. This makes the researcher an easy prey to confusion unless he or she has the cognitive ability which qualifies him to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Therefore, the methods of data processing are very important in our today’s world, because there are significant differences between the data and information. While the term data refers to what we can describe as information in its raw form, the term information refers to “data” after performing various processing operations on it and using the diverse expertise of sorting, classification and indexing, so that the information is presented in the end in a useful and direct manner.

With regard to issues of the Islamic movements and terrorism, there is an urgent need for a tangible and real effort in the field of information. This effort should be keen on completing what is not available and addressing what is available, especially after those issues have come to concern all people in the East and the West, not only through terrorist operations that take the lives of innocent people indiscriminately, but also through the dissemination of ideas that attempt to change the world to the worst. This comes especially with regard to freedoms of opinion, expression and religion, and the stances on women, art and issues of democracy, as well as the peaceful transfer of power and the look to the other that has different faith and denomination.

The international community has paid a great deal of cost due to adopting superficial impressions that deal with, or rather violate, these issues lightly and reach results that are not based on information or knowledgeable bases. 
Whom are we?

Therfore, This ProJect, The Center of the middle East studies Became a specialised center for Dynamic Islam and terrorism.. Accordingly we established a specialized website on the internet under the title of “The reference” in four languages Arabic, English, French and German Concidently the center issues a monthly booklet in the same languages together with a monthly magazine.

The opinion writers for the magazine and booklet are specicelized in the studies of the Dynamic Islam worldwide including The French Roland Jackard, together with Richard Lapiefier and Ian Hame, both are l swiss intellectuals …they also include The Algerian Atman tazaghart and the foundr and publisher of the series Dr. Abdel Rahim Ali the renowned researcher and journalist..