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Joachim Veliocas
Joachim Veliocas

The New mosque of Combs la Ville: Sympathy with the Muslim Brotherhood

Wednesday 25/December/2019 - 06:07 PM

The construction of this new mosque is likely to be completed in 2020, in Combs la Ville, the small village with a population of 22,000, located 28 km from Paris.

The Cultural and Educational Association for Muslims, established in 1991, founded this mosque after allocating 447 thousand euros for this mission.

It is worth noting that the goals of the association are educational services that it founded according to 1901 law.

The association offers educational courses, three hours per week, and is directed at children from the age of six until the end of the preparatory stage.

Three core courses are taught: the holy Qur'an, Arabic language, and Islamic religion. At the end of the course, the student must have acquired the basics of the Arabic language (reading, writing and principles of grammar) and the basics of Islamic culture such as worship, the holy Qur’an, morals, and history.

The preachers who are invited to the mosque are close to the Muslim Brotherhood, including Hassan Ikeusen and Muhammad Bagerville.

Ikeusen denies the genocide of the Armenians, and he is a strong advocate of the Muslim Brotherhood calling for the return of the Islamic caliphate.

Ikeusen explained his strategy for the return of the caliphate during a conference in January 2013 on the Ottoman Empire and said that the caliphate will back but it will take some time, there is a start for everything. We are toppling despots. They were all anti-Islam secularists.

Ikeusen also addressed the Armenian genocide during a conference at the Great Mosque in Dunkirk and said: "Five hundred thousand Armenians pressured former French President Sarkozy to pass a law condemning the Turks for a sin they did not commit and that is the genocide of the Armenians. The law was not passed, so I can now say that this genocide did not exist.

Ahmed Hilali, known to the media as guide of Michael Harpoon, the murderer of the Paris Police station, was also the guest of the Combs la Ville Mosque on March 30, 2019.

Francois Bobone, Mayor of Sarselis until August 2017 and Member of Parliament for Le Figaro said “We were keen, in cooperation with officials of one of the mosques of Sarselis, to expel him from the city because he started adopting very dangerous attitudes towards the Muslim community in the city”.

He recruited young delinquents and brought Salafists very quickly, he started organizing everything in the mosque. He brought unwanted people.

The intelligence services knew that this person was very dangerous. He made a decision against leaving French territory in 2015.

The Ministry of the Interior says that a deportation decision outside French territory was revoked after he presented evidence that he was caring for his child.


Al-Hilali has on several occasions visited the secret Salafi Dar al-Tawhid Mosque on the Estonne Dover Street in Sarcelles. In early 2015, there was a decision to leave French soil within 30 days.