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Joachim Veliocas
Joachim Veliocas

Keynote speakers in November 10 rally against Islamophobia linked to MB

Friday 22/November/2019 - 02:59 PM

A week after the march against Islamophobia, organized on November 10, those who called for a protest against the El Tahrir newspaper are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Rally Against Islamophobia and the Adama, named after a family of criminals supported by the far left.


Abdel Moneim Bosna, the imam of the Mercy Mosque in Rubix, was one of the stars to whom the crowd applauded. This preacher managed to bring together 427,000 subscribers on YouTube.


Bosna completed his studies at the Faculty of Sharia of the Muslim Brotherhood in France and was frequent in the mosque of faith in Lille, which was headed by Ammar Alasfar, the current president of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France.


He was assigned some responsibilities in this mosque before being recruited as an imam in Rubex in 2016. Bosna graduated from an Islamic university in Saudi Arabia.


In his YouTube speeches, Bousna defends Tarek Ramadan, who has been subjected to "great injustice" to the extent of his words, and also friendly communicates with the Salafist Imam , who is also a signatory to the protest and believes it makes sense to be raped. Unlike veiled women, Rashid Gai said: "If a woman goes out without honor, do not be surprised that men offend her."


He criticizes the liberal Bosnian Tarek Obero, and states that the veil is a "religious duty." It is natural to be close to Ahmed Mektar, Imam of Villeneuve Dask, the organic Muslim Brotherhood, because of the geographical proximity, so he talks to him a lot.


Abdel Moneim Bosna and Ahmed Miktar present Sheikh Abu Bakr Jaber of Algeria as "one of the worthy interpreters" while he is one of the most radical sheikhs in support of religious violence. Both Bosna and Mektar refer to writing in the interpretation of "The Way of the Muslim," which calls for the adoption of offensive martial arts.


Because the goal of jihad is to "prohibit any worship other than the worship of the One God, and prohibit the construction and even the restoration of churches!", the Algerian says jihad is imposed on a Muslim at least once a year.


Unfortunately, this man's work is available in the large mosques of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France. There is another saying that aims to prepare the minds of terrorism.


“Anyone who denies the assumptions of God regarding prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, obedience to parents or jihad is an infidel ... '' This extremist Sheikh, who is considered by the Muslim Brotherhood to be a religious reference, calls in writing Al-Akhera'deqat al-Mu'min (Al-Azhar, 2016), to abuse Europe.


"Europe will one day know its worst ordeal, and will endure the worst suffering for its crimes against Islam. It will only blame itself because God is not unjust."


We bought this book from the Great Mosque of Creteil. It is regrettable that the books of this radical imam are circulating in France with impunity.


Another preacher in the demonstration against El Tahrir is Marwan Mohammed. He is a personal friend of Abdel Moneim Bosna. The latter warmly brooded during the demonstration. Marwan Mohammed was a long-time spokesman for the rally against Islamophobia that organized the demonstration.


He addresses the mosques of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists of the Union of Islamic Organizations and often defends Islamists who have problems with French justice.


He defended, for example, the “I am a Muslim” association whose accounts were frozen in 2014 after one of its preachers, Adrian Jehal, was convicted of attempting to attack the GID headquarters in 2008 and running the Ansar al-Haq Jihadi Forum in 2007.


In June 2014, Marwan Mohammed supported members of the association that police raided their homes and said: "We must give them support and assistance, and we explicitly condemn the treatment they are subjected to." He declared that he stands far from their vision of Islam but respects their opinion.


The following year, Adrian Jehal, who appears under the name of Abu Osama in the videos of "I am a Muslim" - flew to Syria to join the Islamic State to participate in the vote, in French, for the responsibility of the terrorist organization in the operations of 2015 and 2016 on French territory.


He is also suspected of giving orders to Mr. Ahmed Gholam, the bomber of the failed attack on Gli Villejuif in 2015 in France. Marwan Mohammed now heads the Muslim Association, which includes Salafi imams and preachers such as Nader Abu Anas, or brothers like Noureddine Awsat and Mohamed Minta.


Another figure who took the microphone during the march: Algerian sociologist Said Bouamama, who is also a member of the "Muslim" association and editor of the "Indigenous People of the Republic" site, which openly supports the Palestinian Hamas movement.


Newspapers talked about Buamama after he co-authored the book and CD Nique la France. This man dared and said on November 1st, "We are the nation, we are the republic" in an attempt to win over the French media.


In this current, which is called the same term "anti-colonialism", there is also a local councilor of the Party of the "Father of France" for the region of Saint-Denis, Majed Masoudin, one of the organizers of the march of the tenth of November.


Masoudin used his position to organize meetings in his city with the Party of the Indigenous Peoples of the Republic. In December 2015, a month after the Paris attacks, Messaoudin hosted Tarek Ramadan in a meeting against Islamophobia.