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Joachim Veliocas
Joachim Veliocas

The secret wars of the general directorate of internal security

Friday 09/August/2019 - 01:39 PM

The French author Alex Jordanov's book “The secret wars of the general directorate of internal security” is a journey into the deep of French intelligence services.

The author conducted dozens of interviews with members of the Directorate of Internal Security, charged with infiltrating Islamic extremists.

It's a heart-stopping look at the country's secret anti-terrorist squads from the inside, for which Alex Jordanov got himself embedded with one such team of seven members, four of them Muslims.

Alex Jordanov said: “We can fear the worst after the government's decision to deport 500 extremists from Syria in 2019 and send them back to France even if the sanctions awaiting them are slightly heavier than those of those convicted in France”.

Agent 1:  Macron is permanently escaping from issues related to Islam

 These 200 or 300 young people will become stars in prisons. If they have much experience, and since the prison is an incubator for extremism, repatriating them means giving an overdose of vitamins to Islamism in France and government members defending the decision on television.

Justice Minister Nicole Belobet talked about women and children, and Mark Vesno justified the decision to put these extremists “under surveillance”.

Finally, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner promised to “turn them on trial as soon as they got off the plane”, under the pressure of the Public opinion and on the eve of the European elections Macron explicitly announced that there is still no plan for the return of extremists.

The Second Agent: - The government is talking about turning these extremists on trial, but what kind of trial?

 A trial may gave them a protective release as the killer who slaughtered a colleague's family in front of her 3-year-old child. The same happened with Coulibaly, he got a protective release and attacked a shop in Paris, it happens with all the extremists.

The murdered priest was released despite the opposition of the prosecutor, and even Mehdi Nammouche was a gentle athlete and was convicted in various cases and sentenced to five years in prison, but was released from prison after he became radicalized. In 2012, he spent two years in Syria as an ISIS jailer, then went on a tour in Asia, he returned to Europe in the spring of 2014.

Two months later, he attacked the Jewish Museum in Brussels. Do you think these returnees will all be nice people who were doing some housework in the homes of terror lords?

There is no a single diplomat in France is willing to negotiate with Bashar al-Assad to try these extremists in Syria and sentence them in the country where they committed their crimes, even if these crimes were involved in a terrorist act? Is not ISIS a terrorist organization? .. Iraq has decided to keep those who committed crimes on its territory.

Larossi Abala was known for many common law offenses such as theft and violence and in 2013 he was sentenced to three years' imprisonment, including six months suspended for “conspiracy to engage in terrorist acts”.

In 2011, terrorism investigating magistrates Mark Trevidick and Natalie Bucks summoned him and seven other people from the Paris suburbs and charged him with recruiting and physically preparing members to fight in the tribal region between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Between December 5, 2010 and February 26, 2011, the eight men met regularly at the weekend to train physically in the gardens of La Cornouve in Seine-Saint-Denis and Argenteuil in the de-France region.

Jawad bin Daoud was in charge of ISIS for sheltering members of the organization. He was released by the 16th Circuit of the Paris Supreme Court in February 2018. He was active on extremist forums, and had the opportunity to approach terrorists when he entered prison for murder in 2008, and between 2012 and 2013 He met in Val de Roel prison Kassi Arrab, sentenced to nine years in prison for terrorist acts, and was an assistant to Safi Barrada, leader of the Ansar al-Fath cell in the province of Trapp, this cell was dismantled in 2005 for the first time and was planning attacks in the Paris Metro.

According to Alex Jordanov at the Val de Roel prison, Bin Dawood also sympathized with two other extremist criminals, Mongi Ro-Djawed L.

A year before the police operation, Vicente Dennis, Facebook's intelligence services discovered a group of former detainees glorifying terrorism and posting jihadi training videos somewhere in the Middle East.

Among the members of this group was Jawad bin Dawood. (Page 194). But Judge Isabelle Prevost Despres acquitted Ben Daoud and released him. In June 2018, Ben Daoud posted his videos on social media, where he saw him playing a PlayStation with Emmanuel's bodyguard and Brigitte Macron.