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Joachim Veliocas
Joachim Veliocas

Muslim Brotherhood’s Friends back Metz Grand Mosque

Thursday 08/August/2019 - 02:41 PM

The Union of Metz Muslim Cultural and Religious Associations finally, will be able to build the “Grand Mosque” on a plot of land with an area of ​​12000 square meters owned by the municipality and rent only 15 euros per year.

The Socialist Mayor, Dominic Gross, had promised the Union in 2013 (at the time supported by the UMP) to lease the land, and he had fully fulfilled his promise, and gave the union this huge gift.

The municipality also granted the Union a special exception with regard to the minaret of the mosque, which will be 35 meters high, although the city's laws allow no more than 17 meters.

A huge budget for the construction of the mosque is set at 15 million euros thanks to unidentified foreign donors, in addition to the annual operating costs of 1.5 million euros.

L'Orépélica Laurent newspaper reported about the project in its February 10, 2018 edition, that “The aim of the project to bring researchers in all fields to facilitate dialogue, correct wrong information about Islam” Raymond Peller, president of the union said.

The Union of Muslim Cultural and Religious Associations of Metz was created specifically for the construction of the Grand Mosque project, it belongs to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Turkey, the Turkish-French Friendship Association, and the other is the Mele Goros Association, a partner of the Muslim Brotherhood on the international scene that is also working to revive the Islamic Caliphate.

Haidar Shaheen of the Turkish-French Friendship Association emphasizes the symbolic dimension of this project “It must be a beautiful place that is easily accessible, and not far from the city center, the mosque must be visible from the highway,” he says. "This gives a beautiful picture of Metz and of all of Europe."

In February 2009, L'Orébélicienne Laurent questioned the leaders of the various associations involved in the project, which will soon come to light, Mohamed Kaddouri of Clemens Association said he was looking for an imam from the Institute of Imams of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France.

He said “We want a large mosque and a nice place at least 1000 square meters. We want to have a halal restaurant and a library, the mosque should not be far away; it's up to the city council to choose the place, we encourage the idea that the imam should be from Chateau Chinon or from Paris”.

The imam of the mosque, Mohamed Hicham Joudat, organizes his seminars at the mosque of Wobi belonging to the Muslims of France (formerly the Union of Islamic Organizations), pending completion of work in the mosque of Metz. He wants to extend the Alsace-Moselle agreement to Islam so that Muslims can enjoy the same benefits as those of other religions, including teaching Islam in public schools, using public funds to build mosques, and paying the salaries of imams. Mohamed Hicham Joudat founded the Lorient Council of Imams and Preachers.

The links between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Union of Muslim Associations of Metz are so close that the latter had a section at the annual Bourges Exhibition organized by the Union of Islamic Organizations in France, which was renamed to the Muslims of France in 2017.

At a conference on January 14, 2013 at the Saint-Denis Mosque in Reunion, filmed on Dailymotion on Muslim participation in society, Echoesen spoke about the various battles to be fought.

“What is the highest status in Islam? It is the status of jihad. Imam Ibn al-Qayyim explained to us what is the meaning of jihad in Islam. He said that there are 13 degrees of jihad: jihad of the soul, jihad of polytheism, idolatry, jihad of the evil, jihad of the hypocrites, and in the thirteenth degree of armed jihad against the external enemy. Goodness To spread mercy and fight injustice on earth, the Muslim must be in deed and not in reaction. "If the enemy chooses the battlefield, they lose it. We must thwart the strategy of Satan."

At another conference on the history of the Ottoman Empire in January 2013, Ekeusen welcomed the Islamic revolutions that brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Tunisia and Egypt, saying that seeking to establish an Islamic political system away from European secularism was a duty for all Muslims.

Ekeusen sees the seizure of power by Islamist parties as a precondition for their meeting in the crucible of the new caliphate. "The fifth stage is the return of the caliphate," he said.

Ekeusen continued to explain his strategy for the return of the caliphate, He says: "The Islamic scholars will have a role in bringing Muslims back to Islam and reviving this political entity (caliphate), and one of its goals is to allow Muslims to live their faith in all economic, political and other fields.

At another conference, Ekeusen defended Hassan al-Banna (1906-1949), founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Youssef al-Qaradawi (1926), the group's main theorist today.

Is not there warnings from Hassan al-Banna and Youssef al-Qaradawi and their policies within the Muslim Brotherhood?

"Of course there are warnings from them from Satan. Satan does not support scholars who fear God. The hypocrites and enemies of Islam do not support them and fight them. The evidence is the assassination of Hassan al-Banna. Who killed Hassan al-Banna? Americans, French, English and Israelis. "They met on an island in northern Egypt and signed a memo to kill him."  

Youssef al-Qaradawi has been described as the “Pope of Islam” because he is the world that enjoys the support of the majority of Muslim scholars.

 To end the talk about this esteemed Islamist in Metz, let's see what he said about the Armenian genocide. At a conference in October 2013 at the Grand Mosque in Dunkirk, which was inaugurated by Senator Michelle Delbar, the mayor in 2013, Ekeusen denied the existence of the Armenian genocide, and said:

«There are 500 thousand Armenians pressured former French President Nicolas Sarkozy to pass a law condemning the Turks; because of a sin they did not commit is the genocide false Armenian. We agree, right? The law has not been passed, so I can now say that the so-called Armenian genocide does not exist.

If the law had been passed, to shut my mouth. right or wrong? If the law had been passed, I could not say: “The Armenian genocide does not exist, because the law would have condemned me. Look, I'm saying there was no genocide for the Armenians and I have historical evidence that there is no such genocide. ”

For all these reasons, we see that the project to establish the Grand Mosque of Metz compatible with the Muslim Brotherhood poses a threat to French society.