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Joachim Veliocas
Joachim Veliocas

MP Olivier Veran backs mosque constructed by Islamists

Friday 14/June/2019 - 12:28 PM



The Republican Party's representative from the Isere department, Olivier Veran, accepted an invitation for breakfast from the United Muslim Society in Grenoble on May 20.

The society is a member of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France (UOIF), the unofficial French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The union was recently named as the Muslims of France to remove the first name which is associated with extremism.

Not only did Veran visit this society, but he also welcomed the project of the large mosque with a minaret that was launched by the Islamists.

"I hope the Masjid kawa project will move quickly," said Veran in the video broadcast by the United Muslims Society.

Half of the work has been completed and little has been left.

Veran is a member of the left wing of the Republican Party. He is known for passing a bill to abolish a misdemeanor to help illegal immigrants stay on immigration law.

Imam Alal Gamad, born in 1959 in Morocco, acquired French citizenship. Amazingly, this man is known as Barawatta with radical preachers, as well as a member of the United Muslim Society.

Last February, the society invited Hassan Ikoyusen, the star advocate of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in France, to whom we devoted a full chapter of our radical mosques.

He defended the Muslim Brotherhood and the return of the Caliphate. He said at a conference in January 2013 about the Ottoman Empire, the scholars of Islam would have a role in bringing Muslims back to the fold of Islam and re-creating this political entity that would allow Muslims to live their faith in all economic, political and anything else.

The caliphate, he said, is on its way back and the mother will take some time, but everything has its beginning.

"Look at the revolutions," Ikoyusen said. "We have overthrown tyrants who were all secular and hostile to Islam."

During a conference at the Dunkirk Grand Mosque (opened by the senator and mayor of Dunkirk, Michelle Dilbar in 2013) Ikoyusen touched upon the Armenian Genocide

500,000 Armenians pressed former French President Sarkozy to issue a law condemning the Turks for a sin they did not commit - the Armenian genocide.

"I have not issued the law, so I can say that this genocide is false. If the law has been issued I have closed my mouth. True or false? If the law has read, I can say that the genocide of the Armenians does not exist, because the law in this case condemns me. But now I can speak as I wish! Look, I am talking, there was no genocide, and I have historical evidence of the absence of genocide," Ikoyusen said.

The United Muslim Society called another preacher, Salafi Ismail Abu Ibrahim, the imam of the Lublin Mosque in Marseille.

Abu Ibrahim came on 6 May 2018 to give a lecture at Grenoble. Imam Ismail speaks, as he calls himself, in his lectures on one of the principles of the Saudi Salafis, the doctrine of allegiance and innocence.

He is one of the Salafist references in France. His works have been translated into French and sold well in Islamic libraries.

In the writing of al-Kabir (Dar al-Madinah al-Madinah 2013), Ibn al-Uthaymeen said that Muslims who leave prayer go out of Islam and that the punishment for not praying according to Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal is execution.

Ibn al-Uthaymeen says in the same book that the punishment of homosexuals is also execution. Those who have sexual relations outside marriage are sentenced to 100 lashes and stoned to death if they are married.

This great scholar says in his fatwas that there is a lot of evidence that the sun revolves around the earth and that it does not take pictures because the Prophet said that the angels do not enter a house with pictures.

It is also prohibited to purchase paintings in houses. This book was published by the King Fahad Library in Riyadh, and distributed by the publisher in France.

Ismail Abu Ibrahim is a member of the Muslim Movement founded by Marwan Mohammed, whose Salafist nature has shown us. At one of his conferences in January 2019, Abu Ibrahim paints a frightening picture of the situation of Muslims in France, a habit typical of Islamists trying to portray Muslims as victims. "The more we progress, the more things get worse. We are fed up with the humiliating situation in which we have lived ... since 1989, they have taken us from us

And kilometers to the last centimeter of our women are prevented from studying the hijab. They cannot do anything. We want to raise our children but that is almost impossible because you prefer to put them in free schools (...). Abu Ismail's goal was to encourage Muslims to enroll their children in Islamic schools in Marseilles, founded by associations affiliated with the Federation of Islamic Organizations. "Our children are the target, but for how long? How to return to the Koran! The preacher takes the example of the righteous ancestors who also suffered in their time.

It was not surprising that Ismail Abu Ibrahim defended the Olivier Mosque in Marseille in a video that was filmed on the site. Radio Europe 1 reported in December 2016 that there was no censorship of sermons delivered at this mosque by the Regional Council for Islamic Worship in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. "This is a very difficult area. It's a hot spot," said Abdul Rahman al-Ghoul, vice president of the council. "The mosque is adopting a radical jihadist jihadist speech.

The selection of these lecturers by the United Muslim Society, but reflects their radical nature and call for the construction of their large mosque in the future is cooperation with the Islamists.