Issued by CEMO Center - Paris
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Joachim Veliocas
Joachim Veliocas

Turkish organizations denounce discrimination in France

Sunday 10/May/2020 - 03:26 PM

The CCMTF and CIMG issued a statement saying: The France and the, call on the authorities to extreme caution in the face of this epidemic and to apply the principle of caution because no religious ceremony as it is can be compared to the universal principle of the preservation of human life. Therefore, in view of the elements we have so far from the health authorities, we must all stand together and maintain the date of June 02, 2020.

The statement also added “On the other hand, if the authorities come forward this date because they have elements that allow them to judge that the situation is favorable, then in this case, the France and the ask that the date of 24 May planned for Eid el Fitr be taken into account.”

These organizations see that the Eid al-Fitr holiday is only five days separated from 29 May, it is entirely legitimate that the Muslim community feel discriminated against, and therefore this decision is neither fair nor justified.

The organizations say that not presenting this date "will inevitably deal a severe blow to the unity and solidarity of all French citizens in facing this epidemic and Muslims will have a strong feeling that they have not been treated like the rest of the citizens." And the Committee for Coordination between Turkish Muslims and Milli Gouros believes that the mosques of France as a whole will be at the required level of organization with strict compliance with the health rules of avoiding mixing and respecting social separation during Eid al-Fitr if Muslims are allowed to celebrate it.

These five days are very important, as French hospitals are still crowded. To say that there is a kind of discrimination is not correct is the French government does everything to make the Muslims live in peace and freedom of their faith. Schools and mosques for the Muslim Brotherhood and Milli Gorus, whatever their extremism, are being built, with the support of the government, see case of Ayyub Sultan Mosque in Strasbourg. City Council member of the Republic Party went forward, Nicholas Matt, to the English headquarters of the Qatar Charity Organization to obtain funds to build the mosque.