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Muslim Brotherhood and Houthi dirty dealings revealed in leaked documents

Saturday 08/February/2020 - 01:31 PM
The Reference
Islam Hamed

Documents revealed the betrayals of the leaders of the “Brotherhood of Yemen” to the Arab coalition forces in Yemen, via correspondence that contained dangerous intelligence information, including sending the coordinates of the sites that the coalition aviation will target to the Houthi militia, so that the objectives fail.

The southern forces in the western coast of Yemen were able to obtain these documents during a specific operation targeting a site used by the Houthi militia in the south of Al Hudaydah governorate in western Yemen.

The documents, which the "reference" obtained a copy of, revealed that the Brotherhood of Yemen and elements belonged to division of Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, sent huge sums of money to the Houthi militias in Sana'a by seizing real estate and lands in Marib Governorate and Aden Governorate.

They know this information through documents sent by Houthi militias from Sana'a to these leaders, to be sold and send their value to Sana'a, in the form of separate payments, for use by the militias as support for the war effort to confront the Arab alliance, and to provide foreign currency to cover their needs.

The number of financial payments that reached Sanaa was six, according to the documents, sent by personalities from the Yemeni Brotherhood, and the documents proved the involvement of the prominent leader «Muhammad Nasser al-Hazmi al-Idrisi» in sending 8 million Saudi riyals, for the value of real estate and land in the Ma'rib governorate that he sold and sent its value to the Houthi militia in Sanaa.

A person named Amin Abdullah Muhammad al-Nasiri was also mentioned as a collaborator with the Houthi militia, by selling 6 million Saudi riyals of real estate and land in Aden, and sending it to the militia.

The documents also revealed the involvement of a prominent military leader in what was known as the 1st Armored Division, called Abdullah Muhammad Ali Moazib, and he is currently working in the third military zone in handing military positions to Ma'rib to the Houthi militia, and sending him 5 million Saudi riyals to it.

The name of a person who the document described as a cooperating person named Mahdi Salem Saleh Al-Naqili also received a sum of 4 million Saudi riyals for Al-Houthi militias in Sana'a for properties and lands he sold in Aden Governorate through documents sent to him by Al-Houthi militias.

The documents also revealed the extent of coordination between the Yemeni Brotherhood and the Houthi militia through the involvement of prominent Brotherhood leader Mabkhoot bin Abboud Al Sharif, head of the Yemeni Rally for Reform in Ma'rib Governorate, in coordinating the handover of military sites in favor of the militias, publishing elements that monitor the movements of Arab coalition officers in Marib, and sending him intelligence information , And 4 million Saudi riyals to Sana'a for the value of land and real estate he sold to Houthi militias.

Other personalities cooperating with the Houthis were mentioned, including a person named Walid Mohsen Abdullah Muthanna, who sold real estate and land in Aden for an amount of 3 million Saudi riyals in favor of the Houthi militia.

Another document revealed the involvement of a person named Rashid Muhammad Hussein Rassa, who works as a storekeeper in the Hashem al-Ahmar brigade, by sending intelligence and coordinates to the Houthi militia and selling real estate and land in the Ma'rib Governorate.

Other documents revealed the involvement of a influential person in the office of the Yemeni Defense Minister Muhammad Ali Al-Maqdashi in leaking military information and coordinates to the Houthis. Also, among the documents, integrated information was found on the formations of the seventh military zone and the third military zone, from the military structure to the deployment sites, and the armories.

It is clear from these documents that the brothers of Yemen were involved in leaking intelligence and military information, and handing over military sites to Houthi militias.