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Iran's home front crumbling day after day

Friday 06/December/2019 - 10:21 AM
The Reference
Mohamed Shaath

The Iranian regime commits endless violations against non-Farsi members of the Iranian society. This has led to increased violence among these members who are denied the simplest of their rights.

The disintegration of the home front is the biggest challenge facing Iran's mullahs, especially with the showdown between Iran and the US assuming new forms every day.

This was probably why Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on political factions in his country to work together so that their country can get over its current tough conditions.

This comes as the US continues to send military reinforcements to the Gulf region.

The American escalation forced Rouhani to once more underscore the importance of national unity. He said his country's current conditions are even more difficult than Iran's conditions during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s.

During the Iran-Iraq war, Rouhani said, there were no problems in the banks, oil sales or the exports and the imports.

There was an arms embargo only, Rouhani said. The pressures by our enemies are unprecedented in the history of our Islamic revolution, he added.

Iran's home front
Difficult to overlook

Around 52% only of Iran's population of 81 million is made of Farsi Iranians. The remaining 48% of the population is non-Farsi Iranians.

This is a major challenge for the Iranian regime, which commits ceaseless violations against non-Farsi members of the Iranian society.

The same members oppose ferociously oppose the regime, which compounds the challenges the regime is facing.

Militant operations

There is a noticeable surge in militant operations against security agencies in Iran, especially the Revolutionary Guard Corpse.

These operations are causing confusion within government quarters. They are also causing losses to the Iranian regime.

Iran's Ahwaz staged a series of attacks against Iranian security agencies, including in September 2018. The operation left 29 Revolutionary Guard Corpse members dead and 60 others injured.

Regime overthrow

The Ahwazis have been a major force behind the ongoing protests in Iran, despite the intense crackdown of Iranian security forces.

Nevertheless, violations against the Ahwazis are encouraging them to keep protesting, not vice versa. They call for the overthrow of the regime which has been ruling Iran for 40 years now.

Representatives of Iranian ethnic groups also continue to organize conferences and events outside Iran to throw light on the plight of the Iranians.

They also call on the international community to back the Iranians as they try to get rid of the ruling elite.