Issued by CEMO Center - Paris
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Islamists increasing presence in France, French writer says

Friday 08/November/2019 - 08:28 PM
The Reference

French writer, Joachim Veliocas, said Friday that Turkey encourages its citizens to migrate to France.

There is growing presence, he said, for the Democratic Union of Muslims Party in France.

He added at a seminar by CEMO in Paris, titled "Turkish foreign policies and their disastrous consequences on Europe", that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan uses some of the societies operating in France.

Turkish nationals living in France raise funds for the construction of schools and mosques that follow the ideology of the current regime in Turkey.

He expected Turkey to launch several projects in France in the coming period, including mosques, societies and schools.

Attending the seminar was a large host of researchers and experts. They included Ahmed Youssef, Roland Lombardi, Pierre Berthelot, Garen Shnorhokian. Several Middle East specialists from Europe also attended the seminar, along with a large number of Arab and French journalists.