Issued by CEMO Center - Paris
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'100 schools teaching Brotherhood ideology in France'

Friday 08/November/2019 - 08:18 PM
The Reference

French writer, Joachim Veliocas, said Friday that the Muslim Brotherhood and its backers work tooth and nail to fulfil their dream of ruling the world and instituting a caliph.

The members of the Brotherhood, he said, consider themselves to be soldiers of their organization.

He added at a seminar by CEMO in Paris, titled "Turkish foreign policies and their disastrous consequences on Europe", that the Muslim Brotherhood dins its ideas and ideology into the heads of its members since their childhood.

"Turkey offers backing to 100 schools that teach the Brotherhood ideololgy in France," Veliocas said. "Sorry to say, these schools were approved by the French government."

Attending the seminar was a large host of researchers and experts. They included Ahmed Youssef, Roland Lombardi, Pierre Berthelot, Garen Shnorhokian. Several Middle East specialists from Europe also attended the seminar, along with a large number of Arab and French journalists.