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At CEMO Seminar, Lombardi says Russians confirm Turkey's support for terrorists in Syria with weapons, money

Friday 08/November/2019 - 07:53 PM
The Reference

Roland Lombardi, a researcher specializing in geopolitical problems in the Middle East, said that the measures taken by Turkey in the last period are to prevent Russians from going to the tourist places in Turkey, as well as to reduce the import of agricultural products in an attempt to strangle the Russians.

He pointed out that there was an attempted coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2105, and Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the Turkish president at the time, and the warning was very welcomed by Erdogan. Putin, he said, was among the first presidents supporting the Turkish president.

Lombardi added that the Russians assert that the Turks support the terrorist elements in Syria with weapons and money, pointing out that the Turks were buying oil from the elements of the terrorist organization Daesh.

He added that Moscow had recently needed to negotiate with some terrorist militias dealt with by the Turkish regime, and that Putin received from Erdogan a promise to stop supporting terrorists in Idlib, Syria during the last period and end the Turkish intervention in the Caucasus.

Attending the seminar was a large host of researchers and experts. They included Ahmed Youssef Executive Director of CEMO, Roland Lombardi, Joachim Veliocas, Pierre Berthelot, Garen Shnorhokian. Several Middle East specialists from Europe also attended the seminar, along with a large number of Arab and French journalists.