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38 killed in Syria’s Daraa offensive

Thursday 28/June/2018 - 02:42 PM
syria- archive photo
syria- archive photo

The Syrian regime continued its operations in the Syrian city of Daraa, leaving 38 civilians dead and dozens wounded, including women and minors, Newspapers reported, on Thursday.

Activists, the civil defense center and health directorate in Daraa said that more than 100 air raids were launched and 74 barrel bombs were dropped, including 32 bombs on areas in the countryside of Daraa.

The raids also knocked four hospitals out of service, according to medical sources. Also, the airstrikes led to the postponement of the exams of primary and secondary students in all schools.

Syria’s army is pursuing a divide-and-conquer strategy against rebels in the south, aiming to chop up the horseshoe-shaped territory that the opposition holds.

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