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Abdelrahim Ali
Abdelrahim Ali

Mohammed bin Zayed ... The Man who loves Egypt

Tuesday 06/August/2019 - 02:29 PM

Every day, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed shows his love for Egypt with warmth feelings.

I still remember his words at our first meeting in 2009. It was in a conference of counterterrorism leaders, which held outside the United States, and Abu Dhabi was the chosen destination.

Sheikh Mohammed welcomed and took us in a tour to see a show for the UAE Special Forces. He has asked me an ironic question “Are not you will stop supporting the Brotherhood? In fact, I was stunned for a moment, I said to myself perhaps His Highness does not know my name and I remained silent for a moment until he laughed, and tell me I know you well but I am just joking with you.

With his words he broke the ice between us and I later considered that Sheikh Mohammed has a special ability to enter your heart easily.

In the evening, His Highness invited me to meet with him, we have talk about Egypt and Brotherhood.

“The appetite of this terrorist organization will not stop for a moment in Egypt; they will try again and again. But we will do our utmost to prevent them because I believe that Egypt is the “pillar of the tent” for the Arab nation if it fell the whole area will fell” His Highness told me.

Thus, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed considers Egypt. Of course, I will not talk about his love for the Egyptians. Who went to the UAE will realize the Emirati’s appreciation for Egyptians as professors, teachers, engineers and doctors who contributed to the renaissance of the entire Gulf region.

After 30 June, we formed a popular delegation of Egyptian nationalists to meet HH Sheikh Mohammed and thank him for what he did personally, and what the UAE did for Egypt and the Egyptians. We went to thank him but he kept thank us for what we did to defense of the Arab nation. So he said to us: You did not only defend your country, you also defended the whole nation, “if the pillar of the tent falls, God forbid, the whole Arab world will fell”.

In this short space, I will not be able to enumerate what Sheikh Mohammed did to Egypt and the Egyptians and his strong friendship with Al Sisi. But I just wanted to salute him as an Egyptian citizen for what he did yesterday when he opened the donation to Egypt’s National Cancer Institute. To send a message that Egypt and the UAE is “one hand”, in the face of all dangers, foremost of which is the threat of terrorism.