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Germany hosts Religions For Peace 10th World Assembly for 1st time in Aug.

Tuesday 23/July/2019 - 04:12 PM
The Reference

Germany will host Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly, the world’s most representative, multi-religious gathering of religious communities, for the first time next month.

The event will be held in the German city of Lindau on August 20-23.

The Religions for Peace 10th World Assembly, under the theme “Caring for our Common Future ̶ Advancing Shared Well-being,” will be global in scale, multi-stakeholder in composition and action-oriented.

Some 800 senior religious leaders, youth and women of faith from over 100 countries will be joined by 100 representatives of governments, intergovernmental organizations and civil society groups to forge multi-stakeholder partnerships for the common good.

Previous Religions for Peace Assemblies have resulted in highly effective multi-religious projects in peacebuilding and development in all word regions.

Every 5-7 years, Religions for Peace convenes a World Assembly for the purpose of forging a deep moral consensus on contemporary challenges, electing a new World Council and advancing multi-religious action across and beyond the Religions for Peace network.