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Pierre Berthelot: Solar energy for water desalination

Monday 24/June/2019 - 12:13 PM
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Pierre Berthelot, a researcher at the European Institute for Orientalism and Security and an advisor at the Mediterranean Studies Institute, said there are a number of tensions between Syria and other neighboring countries over water.

Berthelot told a seminar held by the Center for Middle East Studies in Paris (CEMO), headed by Egyptian MP Dr. Abdel Rahim Ali, that Turkey is trading water with Iraqi Kurdistan.

“There were problems with water desalination, and the cost was high too. However, the cost has fallen and the solar energy can be easily used. There are companies that draw on the solar energy in Morocco, for instance,” he told the seminar, which focuses on cooperation between Europe and non-European Mediterranean states, including Egypt, in the fight against terrorism; illegal immigration; education, and water.

The seminar is held on the sidelines of the Two Mediterranean Banks summit which is held in Marseilles on June 23 and 24.

CEMO takes the opportunity of the summit to open discussion on the issues that cause problems between countries on the two banks of the Mediterranean.

Apart from the Arab-Israeli conflict, which stands behind most of the violence in our world today, the Arab Spring came to wreak disaster on the world and widen the scope of problems in it.