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Joaquim Filioca
Joaquim Filioca

“The Consultation of Muslims”, a platform for consultation launched by Salafist Brotherhood movement

Saturday 12/January/2019 - 03:37 PM


The Consultation of Muslims, founded in 2018 by former head of the Collective against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) Marwan Muhammad, has an aim of introducing a speech to expresses Muslims in France through a wide range of surveys in mosques and online.

During the first half of 2018, around 27,000 Muslims answered a survey that had multiple questions, like: What is your opinion about the CCIF? What is your opinion about the For Islam foundation? Would you like the country to interfere in the internal organization of these foundations? What is your opinion of the new proposal to approve Halal products? And so forth.

And in order to give itself credibility, the association decided to form a council that includes sociologist Said Bouamama, an author for the “We are the Natives of the Republic” movement, which supports the Palestinian Hamas movement, therefore, it is not strange that Bouamama would demand the release of Lebanese terrorist George Ibrahim Abdullah, who has been in a French prison for his role in a set of murders that were planned by the Lebanese Revolutionary Army.

Socialist Fatheya Ajabli is also one of the members of the council. She sees that preventive detention of terrorists is dangerous and that revoking the citizenships of terrorists is a threat to individual freedoms.

During the recent weeks, The Consultation of Muslims announced pride in the participation of a number of Muslims Brotherhood and Salafist preachers and figures like Nader Abou Anas, Mohammed Minta and Rachid El-Jay.

Nader Abou Anas is one of the directors of Al-Iman Mosque in Le Bourget, not to mention that he is directly responsible for a news website called, which has a lot of followers, and a Facebook page of more than 120,000 likes.

This website publishes Al-Nawawi's Forty Hadith, a compilation of forty hadiths by Imam al-Nawawi, most of which are from Sahih Muslim and Sahih al-Bukhari.

In just two clicks away, one can learn a lot of things, including that physical punishment is permissible for those who commit abominable deeds, and that murdering apostates is allowed. Moreover, a Hadith narrated by Ibn Umar said, “The Prophet said: I have been ordered to fight against the people until they testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and until they establish the salah and pay the zakat. And if they do that then they will have gained protection from me for their lives and property, unless [they commit acts that are punishable] in Islam, and their reckoning will be with Allah."

Most of Abou Anas’ lectures are being video recorded, in one of these lectures on women he said, “Allah gave man command over women, a good woman is the one who obeys her husband,… she never leaves the house without his permission, Allah said in the Quran: {And abide in your houses}, this is the rule, if a man wanted to have an intercourse with his wife, and she refused by saying that she is tired or that she is not in the mood, then this wife must know that, without a proper reason to refuse, angels will spend all night cursing her, these are not my words, by the Prophet’s.”

And in the same lecture, Abou Anas said a wife should not tell anything about her husband’s abuse to her to preserve his reputation and honor.

Moreover, Abou Anas honored Saudi scholar Safar al-Hawali who was named as a "theologian of terror" in an October 2004 petition to the UN signed by 2,500 Muslim intellectuals calling for a treaty to ban the religious incitement to violence. Also, Abou Anas has been supporting Algerian scholar Abu Bakr al-Jaza'iri who wrote a book on the idea of jihad, attacking “infidels”, and banning the construction of churches on Muslim lands.

As for Mohammed Minta, he is the Imam of the Décines Mosque, he has been sponsoring the Muslim Brotherhood school to train Imams in France.

In one of his lectures, Minta talked about Prophet Muhammad’s fighting strategy, as he stressed, “Attacking the enemy before he starts the attack.”

Also, known as the Imam of Brest, Rachid El-Jay has a number of controversial fatwas and lectures like claiming that whoever listens to Music in front of children will turn into a “pig”, also, in a July 2012 lecture on Hijab, he said that women who go outdoors without wearing “something that preserves their dignity, then they should not be surprised by men who would offend them.”

All supporters of the Consultation of Muslims belong to the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist streams, including the Imam of Athis-Mons, Noureddin Ezzat, who objected a 2004 draft law that sought to ban wearing Hijabs at schools. He also expressed his love to the Muslim Brotherhood and said in a conference once that he wants Muslims to conquer the world.

Fayza Bin Mohammed, a journalist at the Anadolu Agency, who advocated the closure of a "clandestine" school considered "Salafist" in Marseille, also voiced support for the Consultation of Muslims.

And considering the people who Marawan Muhammad surrounded himself with, we can understand his concern, especially that some of them are classified as “S” for security agencies, which Muhammad considers a “racist classification.”