Issued by CEMO Center - Paris
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Abdelrahim Ali
Abdelrahim Ali

To my French friends: They burn Paris

Sunday 02/December/2018 - 01:42 PM

For the third week, the “yellow jacket” protesters demonstrate in central Paris against French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to over rising taxes and the high cost of living.

This time the demonstration was different despite the low numbers of the participants, despite the security readiness, but the ferocity of the demonstrations and the intent of some demonstrators to burn, sabotage and armed confrontation were obvious.

Protesters in France have set cars, trash cans, trees, public and private facilities, in addition to metro, cars, shops and cafés and everything distinguish in Paris on fire.

The French President Emmanuel Macron’s handling of the events was not wise and missed from the first moment the political experience of such big events.

The president only talks tough after Yellow Jackets riot in Paris on television to say to the demonstrators a single phrase: “I heard you” which reminded the French of the repercussions of a single phrase when the former French leader, the founder of the Fifth Republic, General de Gaulle, said to the Algerian revolutionaries in 1968, "i understood you" then the old general use all the kinds of violence to suppress the revolution .

Perhaps this is what prompted some of the protesters to arm themselves today in the face of security measurements.

But after I have experienced these events for two weeks and seeing what happened with my own eyes, I tell all my French friends clearly preserve your country.

I am writing to you because I am one of the lovers of this country. I write to you as we have experienced in our country, Egypt. When we participated in the early days of the January 2011 uprising in the belief that it would bring us bread, freedom, social justice and human dignity, we found ourselves turned into a radical Islamic emirate.

We found ourselves saw al-Qaeda followers in Kandahar demonstration, raising their black banners in Cairo to begin a new era of obscurity and backwardness.

We did not imagine that we were gathering our children and women and going down to Tahrir Square on the 25th of January, raising the flags of our country, after only one year, we will see a terrorist belonging to the Brotherhood swearing in the same Square as president of Egypt.

We could not even imagine in our strongest nightmares that we will reap that dreadful fate, a year after our glorious uprising.

We went out on January 25th and the US dollar is worth six Egyptian pounds. We are back and the dollar is worth eighteen pounds. We went out to demand a better economic situation. The economy collapsed. We went out for the freedom, come back with the most dictatorships groups to rule us.

Today, on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris, I see what I saw with my own eyes on Mohamed Mahmoud Street, Tahrir Square, and Abbasid in Egypt.

We were very sorry when we realized that we had failed to preserve our country. We were tired a lot, and we sacrificed a long time to get it back from the hands of the crows. We are now digging into the rock to build it again, and I fear that you would have a taste of it.

 What I have seen today from the “yellow jackets” does not express civilization or civilized people. I have seen citizens do not belong to any value of the Western values ​​of civilization, I saw Trojans burning and civilization destroyed and some of “yellow jackets protesters” come out of the wooden horse to open its doors to the invaders to burn everything.

Under the Arc de Triomphe, protesters threw rocks and broke down barriers as clouds of tear gas swirled around them. In other parts of the city, vehicles were set on fire and shops were looted.

What happened today in Paris has nothing to do with the peaceful expression of legitimate anger. There is no reason that justifies security forces being attacked, businesses looted, public or private buildings set on fire, bystanders or journalists threatened, or the Arc de Triomphe defiled in this way.

There are already some humanitarian, social, economic and political motives for some of those yellow jackets but what they are doing is not related to those demands.

The perpetrators of this violence do not want change, they don’t want any improvement, and they want chaos. They betray the causes they claim to serve, and which they manipulate.

They want to burn Paris. Macron has to step forward and declare with all courage cancelation of those decisions to uncover those who dodged among the French good people.

French television showed images of protesters inside the famous monument, spraying graffiti and taking selfies.

Troublemakers were mixing in with ordinary protesters, called “yellow jackets” for their fluorescent vests, so they could run from police more easily. So the protesters have not to take part in violence.