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Iran adheres to uranium enrichment card despite understandings with Washington

Wednesday 06/September/2023 - 04:14 PM
The Reference
Mohamed Shaat


Despite the ongoing understandings between Iran and the United States, during which five American prisoners were released in exchange for Washington canceling the freeze on $6 billion in Iranian oil funds, as well as talk of secret provisions that guarantee Tehran getting rid of quantities of enriched uranium or not keeping new quantities. However, Iran announced the continuation of uranium enrichment in accordance with local law.

American reports revealed that, in conjunction with these ongoing understandings between the two parties, it was observed that Iran slowed down its uranium enrichment by 60%, amid talk about secret provisions of these understandings aimed at uranium enrichment and stopping Iran’s supply of drones to Russia.

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization Iran (AEOI), Mohammad Eslami, announced that Iran will continue to enrich uranium on the basis of the framework established by its parliament in 2020, pointing out that the assistant director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will visit Tehran, as the agency is preparing to issue its new report on the Iranian nuclear program within days.

When asked about US reports that Tehran had slowed its enrichment of uranium to 60% purity, Eslami said, “Our nuclear enrichment continues on the basis of the Strategic Framework Law,” referring to the relevant legislation.

In 2020, the Iranian parliament passed a law requiring the government to take measures such as enhancing uranium enrichment operations beyond the limit stipulated in the 2015 Tehran nuclear agreement between Iran and major world powers if other parties do not fully adhere to the agreement.


Expected step

Dr. Masoud Ibrahim, an academic researcher specializing in Iranian affairs, said in exclusive statements to the Reference that Eslami’s announcement that his country would continue to enrich uranium despite the relative calm and American reports regarding Iran’s slowdown in storing enriched uranium was not a surprise even to American officials.

According to Ibrahim, those who follow Iranian policies are well aware of the psychology of the Iranian regime in dealing with crises, and that the idea of Iran making concessions is unlikely. He added that there may be a postponement of stages, but the idea of canceling the main goals of the regime is very difficult.


Possessing a deterrent weapon

Ibrahim pointed out that the Iranian regime has strategic goals that it will not give up, including, for example, possessing a deterrent weapon that enables it to maintain and complete its global regional project based on the Shiite doctrine, and everything that happens in the nuclear file from its inception until today is nothing but an Iranian investment of time to reach its main goal, which is to reach the nuclear threshold.

He expected that the slowdown in the enrichment process is part of Iranian policy in achieving its goal from the agreement with the United States in order to release millions of frozen and owed dollars and to declare good intentions, but today, after reaching its goal, the Iranian nuclear cycle has returned once again to put pressure on Europe and Washington to achieve more material and moral gains.

Ibrahim concluded his statements by saying, “It is not far-fetched to hear an Islamist or someone else announce that Iran possesses military nuclear technology, and perhaps the time is approaching for that announcement, as all evidence confirms that Iran is on the verge of possessing this technology. Perhaps this is what prevents Europe and America from dealing forcefully with the Iranian regime, which has undoubtedly succeeded in reaching the containment stage with Washington and Europe.”