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Report of Torture and Death Sentences Raises Alarm on Iran's Judicial System

Monday 30/January/2023 - 06:37 PM
The Reference
By: Ahmed Seif El-din

A report by Amnesty International has outlined the alleged torture of three young Iranian men who are facing the death penalty. This raises serious concerns about the country’s judicial system.

Paragraph 2: One of the men, Mehdi Mohammadifard, was reportedly raped and beaten by prison guards. The rights group stated that Mohammadifard suffered anal injuries and rectal bleeding that required medical treatment outside of the prison.

Mohammadifard was arrested on October 2 after going into hiding after being summoned for questioning by the Revolutionary Guards. During his arrest, he was thrown to the floor and suffered a broken nose.

Along with Mohammadifard, Arshia Takdastan and Javad Rouhi were sentenced to death in connection with protests in Noshahr, Mazandaran province, on September 21. The three men were convicted on charges such as “corruption on Earth” and “enmity against God” and their convictions can be appealed at the supreme court.

Amnesty International stated that the accused were denied their right to a lawyer and subjected to severe beatings, including floggings and being tied to a pole. The group has called for the death sentences to be quashed and for a prompt, transparent, and impartial investigation to bring those responsible for the torture to justice. The names of those suspected of being involved in the treatment of the three men will be handed to western authorities.