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Polish-French COP27 Observer: Now is the pivotal time to finance initiatives for change

Thursday 17/November/2022 - 09:02 PM
The Reference
Interview by: Abulhussain Ghanoum

Natalia Pietruszewska, Observer representing France but of Polish nationality

What is the significance of this year's Climate Change Summit?

This year’s Climate Change Summit is of huge significance because we’re naturally right now in a pivotal time where we can actually make a change considering the energy transition and climate policies. The IPCC report highlights the importance of the energy transition and many other issues, CO2 reduction and everything that’s connected to it. Right now when we have the targets of 2030 and 2050, this is the pivotal time to invest and finance the initiatives that are going to make a change.


How do you see the Egyptian organization of the activities of this summit?

I think it’s a very well organized event. The space is huge, people are very nice, and everything is very clear. I would say that it is fairly sustainable. The transportation is working well, and obviously the atmosphere is very inspiring.


What are the proposed solutions to solve the problem of climate change?

When speaking of climate change, some of the proposed solutions are involving different technology aspects, such as, for instance, carbon capture and storage facilities, as well as different financial schemes that are going to be implemented by different countries and followed in the coming years.


Moving towards a green environment and implementing sustainable development requires some mechanisms of success and continuity. From your point of view, what are the factors we need in this file?

The factors that are playing a key role here are public awareness, basically how much the public around us knows about the subject, because being at COP27 you can tell that everyone here is basically interested in the sustainability issues; however, this is not the community we want to address. We have to spread the message further, and I think from this point of view that would play a major role.


Do you think the meeting of heads of state during COP27 will bear fruit?

The heads that are right now gathering together to discuss the different environmental issues at COP27 will surely bear fruit. Already, there have been some agreements considering the different financial schemes that are implemented by different countries, major investments, and, as I said, this is a pivotal time which we have to be very careful about what we do, and we have to take drastic measures. I hope to hear more about the bearing fruit initiatives.


What is your last message to all participants in this event?

My last message would be to keep our inspiration on a high level and inspire ourselves by this event and carry this inspiration to our communities and explore the different communication techniques and partnerships with different states, governments, organizations, or businesses, because only together can we actually make a change.


How do global conflicts such as the war in Ukraine and the food crisis affect international climate action?

I’m of Polish nationality, and therefore the Ukrainian crisis is of huge importance to me. It has a detrimental effect obviously on the economy, and the food crisis also affects international climate action, especially in the African and Pacific states, because those are issues of huge importance, and we should fight them more.


What do you think of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's call to stop the Russian-Ukrainian war?

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s call to stop the Russian-Ukrainian war is completely right. We should not have wars in the 21st century. We should all advocate for peace and help those in need the most. Ukraine is fighting right now, so let’s send them all the support we can.