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Houthis using Ashura to steal Yemenis

Wednesday 10/August/2022 - 06:16 PM
The Reference
Ahmed Adel

The Houthi coup militia continues to exploit religious occasions to collect more money to support its elements on the frontlines.

According to the Yemeni news site, Al-Mashhad al-Yamani, Houthi preachers are actively equating financial support to the war to fasting for the sake of God.

On August 6, the Yemeni Ministry of Endowments and Guidance issued a statement to preachers and guides regarding the Houthi militia's exploitation of Ashura day, with them turning the religious occasion into a political one.

Out of responsibility, the ministry called upon preachers and guides to carry out their duty and protect the nation's faith by standing against the racist group's heresies, confront sectarian, bloody and terrorist attacks carried out by the Houthi terrorist militia, and correct misconceptions promoted by the group.

Minister of Endowments and Guidance, Mohamed Aida confirmed that the Houthi militia is ruminating on people’s religious sentiments by employing their false allegations for more financial extortion and spreading sedition.

He explained that his ministry is doing its best to raise awareness about the dangers inherent in the Houthi rhetoric and the need to confront it.

Selling illusions

Houthi preachers delude people that Ashura is a day to save humanity and that everyone needs to support the war effort.

They added that it is necessary for everyone to follow what the Houthis are doing.

The preachers refer to what they describe as 'divine directives', only to mislead the Yemeni people.

Mohamed bin Ali bin Rajeh, member of the Yemen Scholars' Association, said the Houthis want to raise funds, confirm the eligibility of governance, lead followers to the fronts, and spread extremist beliefs.

"They also want to distract people from the group’s scandals and deter them from knowing the truth," he said of the Houthi militia.

He added that the Houthi group wants to use Ashura to sow hatred and atonement, and then make blood, money and honour permissible.

Bin Rajeh noted that the Houthis also seek to confirm the myth of the divine right to rule.

"They want to control Yemen by force and killing, iron, fire, prisons and terrorism," bin Rajeh said.