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In my new year, never running back to what broke me

Saturday 23/July/2022 - 11:51 PM
The Reference
Ghada Abdul Rahim


Every birthday, I stand, contemplate and observe events, memories and people that I experienced during the past year before I welcome the new one.

I do not deny that on that day, I also try to stitch my wounds, overcome my sorrows and disappointments that I have been subjected and to write down what I learned during this past year. The more years we live, the less mistakes we make.

And because I fully realize that if I lived as much as the past, it will not be the same as my youth's vitality and energy, and because some days, people and events were harsh with me.

In my new year, I decided to give up all the things that make me uncomfortable and to love myself more because I realized that it deserves it.

Myself deserves a portion of this love that I was giving it to those around me and not myself .. Because I realized that if you did not give yourself love, you will not be able to grant it and will continue all the time detracting from your destiny, and you will continue to ask for love and attention and you will not get it.

I fully realize that I had to think more about my future and my children because excessive giving is often misunderstood by others and that favors by time turn into an obligation and a duty, disturbing the equation of love.

Here I am, and after these years, I realize the sincerity of the saying, "Take care of those who care about you, as for the rest, greeting them is enough." And that from the principle of self-honoring, yearning is only for those who yearn.

I am now writing my goals logically and reasonably to turn them into aspirations and give myself a degree of love to turn the impossible into possible and dreams into reality.

So, in my new year, I decided to never run back to what broke me, and to love myself. Loving thyself is reflected through your surroundings, if this soul is strengthened, it can conquer the world, otherwise, the world shall humiliate it.

You are morally obligated to take care of yourself, you must take care of yourself and be good with yourself in the same way that you take care, help and be good with a person you love and appreciate.


I will not forget to thank those who were here .. who were always with me ..

Thank you to those who have been comforting us .. Thank you to those who had a role in our lives .. Thank you to those who say sweet words .. Thank you to those who gently patted on our hearts .. Thank you to those who gave us an advice from the heart.

Happy New Year .. I will definitely be fine .. I respect myself and insist on that by others.