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BBC cameraman seriously injured in Ukraine war crash while filming with Clive Myrie

Tuesday 19/July/2022 - 04:47 PM
The Reference

A BBC cameraman has been seriously injured in an armoured vehicle accident in Ukraine while filming a documentary with Clive Myrie.

The incident is understood to have occurred in early June and is not thought to be related to military action.

Myrie, the BBC journalist and presenter, emerged relatively unscathed from the crash. BBC insiders said that the camera operator had been in intensive care, though his condition is not known.

The Times has not disclosed the cameraman’s identity after his family requested privacy. He is a seasoned warzone journalist who has worked in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion in February.

So far few details have been confirmed but it is understood that the BBC team were travelling in an armoured vehicle during the making of a film about the conflict.

They were not in the midst of fighting, which has been concentrated in the south and east of the country.

There is speculation that the vehicle may have overturned during the crash. Myrie, 57, was said to have had a minor head injury but has not commented.

He has played a prominent role in the BBC’s coverage of the war in Ukraine, making numerous trips to the country to cover events from Kyiv.

Colleagues have described him as “the best of the BBC” and said that his empathy has resonated with viewers. “We are in an age of feeling,” he told The Sunday Times in March. “It would be odd to be reporting on a colossal tragedy and for empathy not to come out.”

The BBC said: “A BBC team in Ukraine was involved in a road traffic accident in early June. There is currently no evidence that this was in any way connected to military action. One member of the team remains in hospital and the BBC is providing support to them and their family.”

Benjamin Hall, a reporter for Fox News, the US broadcaster, lost part of one leg and his foot on the other after his vehicle was hit by Russian shelling near Kyiv in March. His cameraman, Pierre Zakrzewski, was killed.

Stuart Ramsay, a Sky News journalist, was wounded when Russian soldiers opened fire on his vehicle in February.