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The most dangerous men of Al-Houthi... Who is Youssef Al-Fishi?

Tuesday 24/May/2022 - 10:30 AM
The Reference
W.B: Aya Azz, T.B: Anas Samir

The Houthi leader, Youssef al-Fishi, repeatedly appeared, speaking of the armistice, war, and the Presidential Command Council.


In his appearance, Al-Fishi admitted that the Presidential Council constitutes an existential threat to the Houthi militia, and that it goes beyond the battle to break the bone, reiterating the Houthis' fears of the presence of Tariq Saleh among the council's members.


Youssef Al-Fishi is considered one of the most dangerous leaders of the Houthi coup, and he is known as the architect of Houthi deals with opponents.


Al-Fishi, nicknamed "Abu Malik", was enrolled in the Houthi sectarian education stages, until he became among the first ranks of the militia members and their leaders.


Al-Fishi received military training in Tehran and southern Lebanon at the hands of the Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah, where he left in 2003.


Al-Fishi presented himself as a politically moderate figure.


Al-Fishi worked to establish a political alliance with the Congress Party, and in 2013 Al-Fishi led the process of displacing Salafis from Dammaj in Saada, and managed the bombings of mosques and Quran memorization centers and the storming of houses, causing the displacement of more than 10,000 people from Dammaj and other areas of the governorate.


With the appointment of the Houthi leader, Mahdi Al-Mashat, as head of the council, Al-Fishi returned to his work as a special representative for the militia leader, and was subsequently appointed to the reconciliation committee formed by the militias as a front for his suspicious tasks.


Youssef Al-Fishi worked in smuggling weapons and drugs through his relationship with the famous Houthi arms smuggler "Fares Manna", who is one of the leaders of the Houthi militia. Al-Fishi is wanted number 23 on the list of the Arab coalition.