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Return to constitution: Libya drafts roadmap to remove election hurdles

Saturday 15/January/2022 - 12:48 PM
The Reference
Mustafa Kamel

Amidst internal fears and external apprehensions, the roadmap approved by Libyan parties began to gradually become clear on the road to enforcing the constitution.

The roadmap is becoming the most important document as Libya tries to overcome the problems that hindered its legislative elections that should have been held late last year.

The elections were delayed until January 24.

Back to constitution

The members of the Parliamentary Committee tasked with preparing a roadmap for the next phase held a meeting with the members of the Communications Committee of the Constituent Assembly to study proposals for a way out of the current constitutional crisis in Libya.

The members of the Parliamentary Committee are due to hold another meeting with the members of the Election Commission.

It said in a statement that its members had listened to a presentation by the members of the Communications Committee about the drafting of the constitution and the stages it passed through in the past period.

The members of the committee noted during the meeting that they agreed to implement the constitutional documents and the laws in force.

They also said that it is important to refer the whole matter to the Libyan people so that it can adjudicate on it.

Ending the transition

The Parliamentary Committee said it agreed with the Election Commission that the commission would set a timetable for the electoral process in the light of the results of a referendum based on the constitution.

It said it reviewed with the commission's head, Emad al-Sayeh, the reasons for suspending the referendum in the past and the risks of implementing the draft constitution in the event of failure to do so.