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Mideast scene bracing for Iran-West showdown

Sunday 15/August/2021 - 05:55 PM
The Reference
Islam Mohamed

US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, stated recently that response to Iranian attacks against vessels in the Gulf would be a 'collective' one.

He seemed to be preparing for major decisions against the Islamic Republic on the grounds that threats to international navigation are threats to US national security and long-term US national interests.

Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, also stressed that his country is ready to confront Tehran at various levels.

He noted that there is an urgent need to strengthen the capabilities of the Israeli army for this purpose.

Testing the pulse

Iran summoned the British Chargé d'Affairs in Tehran along with the Romanian ambassador in the Iranian capital to warn against possible adventure against it.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry handed these diplomats messages of protest against accusations leveled against Iran in the past period.

The United States will possibly try to test the pulse of Russia and China during the next meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

It will especially try to assess the two countries' position on the Iranian issue.

A high-level military delegation is also expected to visit Washington in the coming period.

Tehran is afraid that its 'enemies' will attack its naval bases in the Gulf, along with its warships there.

These fears are credible in the light of the poor nature of the Iranian navy, compared with the navies of western powers.

Possible confrontation arenas

Initial indicators show that Lebanon, Iraq and Syria will be potential arenas for confrontation between Iran and its rivals.

This is especially true in the presence of Iranian arms and protégés in these states.

A military confrontation between Iran and Western countries may affect the Arab Gulf region,.

Oil and commercial tankers may become victims of this confrontation.