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'Death to dictator' … Iranians teaming up against repression

Sunday 01/August/2021 - 07:16 PM
The Reference
Islam Mohamed

Iranian authorities have intensified their repression of demonstrators protesting water shortages in the southwestern province of Ahwaz.

The demonstrators have, meanwhile, moved from demanding water to demanding the overthrow of the Iranian regime.

They are reaching out to Ahwazis in other Iranian provinces. They are also teaming up with Kurds and other minorities in the country.

All these minorities are coming together to reject the policies of the Iranian regime.

The protests are also seeping into parts of the Iranian capital.

Death to the dictator

The opposition, People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran, also supports the protests, along with many opposition parties outside and inside Iran.

Videos shared on social media show the demonstrators setting photos of the Iranian supreme guide on fire.

In the same videos, the protesters appear chanting slogans against the Iranian regime.

"The mullahs must leave with their power," the demonstrators chant. "The mullahs must be expelled," they add. "Death to the dictator," they chant again.

Ahwas has been suffering from water scarcity for a long time now. The water shortages are bringing unprecedented droughts to the province, even as it theoretically enjoys major water sources. However, these resources had been wasted in the initiation of futile projects.

The guide floundering

Activists on social media shared videos showing the fans of the Iranian Persepolis Club, chanting against Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei in the city of Baharestan.

The fans' celebration of the club's recent soccer victories turned into a show of support for Ahwaz.

The fans of the club denounced the Iranian supreme guide and the repression of Iranian authorities.