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My amazing Egyptian family

Wednesday 28/July/2021 - 06:05 PM
The Reference

Finally, my journey has come to an end. April 14, 2012, I’ve decided leaving my country for good so the fate brought me in Kuwait with all the doubts in my heart.

I risk myself just to save money for the future of my son Mackenzie, like I don’t care anymore what’s gonna happen to me “will I go home dead or alive?

However, the only one thing that keeps me going is that I kept on saying “oh papa God your will be done. Then like around 3:00pm on that day, my employer came to pick me up at the agency.

My first impression with them was alright because I saw the smile on their faces specially the naughty boy named Yo-yo (Youssef Sameh), he was very talkative with me even that was our first meeting together so my nerves started to calm down and I don’t feel scared anymore.

I looked up and said “THANKS God I feel safe right now” but then i wonder why  a lot of cartoons and stuffs inside their home then I found out they’re going to Egypt so it’s like we spent only 1week in Kuwait! So, the real battle of my journey begins here in Egypt. I didn’t expect I’m going to be for this long “9 years and 7months in all “I was like ohhhh really I overcome all the challenges in my life.

To my employer Ghada Abdelrahim my best enemy ever who molded me to become a strong and independent woman! THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything!  I can’t be the matured in life without you  yes we more often fight like Tom and Jerry but then at the end of day  we were always alright again and again I love you queen anyway. I guess it’s too long already but thank you for your kindness may God bless you more and more.

 To Mohamed Sameh the generous of them all I love you so much hamoda.

To lulu Ali Sameh the achiever of them all, love you lulu please keep on going don’t mess up! my love so that your mom will  always be proud.

Also, to Teta Wafaa Hamed thank you so much teta for treating me like your own daughter. I can’t express enough gratitude for your kindness to me as well as to your husband Gedo Abdelrahim Ali, all of you were amazing!  A Great Egyptian family!  To sho2x Shahenda Abdelrahim Ali, Dalia Abdelrahim, Khalid, thank you so much guys for being so good to me with my entire stay here in your country! I love you all guys. I’m going to miss you all. #GodBlessUsAlways