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The world of music (4)

Saturday 12/June/2021 - 12:01 AM
The Reference
Ghada Abdelrahim Ali

In the previous episodes, we talked about the use of music for human health, happiness and comfort. We also explained that music therapy is the process by which the rhythm of movement within the living body is regulated by music waves and rhythms through the restricted relaxation of many pathological conditions.

We dealt with the historical roots of music therapy and how was singing and dancing for primitive people formed magical rituals.

We also dealt with music therapy in the Greek, Coptic and Roman civilizations. In this episode, we will talk about music therapy in the Arab civilization.

Arab medicine geniuses treat patients with music

Science moves from civilization to civilization. The geniuses of Arab medicine came in the golden age of the Arab-Islamic civilization. They contributed a lot to this field.

The great Arab scientist Ibn Sina, one of the great medical geniuses in the 11th century, studied the impact of music on humans and its use in treating patients.

He also studied the importance of using music in improving the psychological conditions of people.

Abu Nasr al-Farabi also used to play the lute to influence his audiences by making them laugh, cry, or sleep.

Music therapy during the Renaissance Age

At the beginning of the Age of Renaissance, Francis Bacon recommended the use of music to revitalize the soul. In one of his books, he suggests the use of music in the treatment of formal disorders.

Music was also used as a weapon in combating the plague that swept through Europe at that time. Responsible authorities at that time recommended playing music for those who contracted the disease.