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The world of music: Prophets and philosophers talk (3)

Friday 11/June/2021 - 11:50 PM
The Reference
Ghada Abdelrahim Ali

We talked in the previous two episodes about the importance of music for people's health and happiness.

Music is not a mere entertainment. It is a type of communication without words. The importance of music arises when there is no ability for talk.

Music therapy is the process through which we organize the movement inside the human body through the musical waves. This comes through conditional rest in some cases.

In this episode we will trace the historical roots of the music therapy.

Historical roots

Music is very old. It can be found everywhere in this universe. It fills the human body with organized rhythms. Humans and their organs are full of organized rhythms. The pulse is a form of rhythm. The human body suffers disorders whenever this rhythm suffers goes through problems. When this rhythm stops, the human body itself stops.

The beats of the human heart and the breathing process, the chewing of food, and the movement of the intestines all have their own rhythms.

The human body is always in good condition so long as this rhythm is in good condition. When there is one disorder or another in this rhythm, the same disorder affects the whole body. When there is pain in one body organ, the remaining organs suffer.

This brought up the idea of organizing man's internal rhythm through music. This is a process that happens in the light of the peculiarity of each different case.

Primitive man and the music therapy

Music, singing and dancing were part of the day-to-day life of primitive people. They used these techniques to kick evil spirits out of their bodies. They believed that these evil spirits were what caused disease.

This was how primitive people believed that music makes the human body heal. They believed that his music forgives the sins of man and brings virtue and good into his body. They also believed that this music brings about the required balance to the human body and life.