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Brotherhood having deep presence in US, Europe

Sunday 06/June/2021 - 09:55 PM
The Reference
Nahla Abdelmonem

The branches of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe and the United States launch an endless war against Egypt in revenge for the downfall of the regime of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi in the Arab country in 2013.


The Muslim Brotherhood depends penetrating the different social classes in countries where it wants to have influence. The strong connections the group establishes with the public in these countries give it the required legitimacy for dealing with decision-makers and the authorities in these countries.

The group also uses the laws and the constitutions of the countries where it operates to form its own institutions and serve its own interests.

The Muslim Brotherhood depended in its war on Egypt on its public bases in the different countries where it operates.

It also depends on the service organization it founds in these states which enlist the services of people who benefit from these services. These people usually want to return the favors these organizations do them.


The branches of the Muslim Brotherhood in the US are able to rally a large number of people behind it, especially when it comes to the group's ability to stage protests against Egypt in different American cities.

These are protests led by the leaders of a group Egypt had previously outlawed and designated as a "terrorist" one.

Remarks by Muslim Brotherhood senior figure Mohamed al-Beltagi in 2013 show links between his organization and terrorist groups active in Sinai, including the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.