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UK Brotherhood using media to destabilize Egypt

Friday 04/June/2021 - 07:17 PM
The Reference
Nahla Abdelmonem

The branch of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK is the most outstanding in the European continent.

The branch used its influence and network of contacts in inciting against the Egyptian state, especially since the downfall of the regime of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi during the June 30 revolution.

The Muslim Brotherhood is mindful of the importance of media and social media in creating a specific mental image that serves its own interests.

This was why it paid special attention to this media in inciting public opinion in Europe against the Egyptian state. The group uses Arabic in addressing Arabs across the Arab region, especially in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Brotherhood media in UK

The Brotherhood launched a series of media platforms in the UK, following the June 30 revolution in Egypt. Most important among these platforms was al-Araby TV which was founded in London on January 25, 2015. The channel is now headed by Abbas Naser who worked for the Qatari news channel al-Jazeera for a while.

Since its launch, this channel did nothing but focus on negative developments in Egypt and accuse Egyptian authorities of failure. It also works to incite the Egyptian public against the government.

This was all done with the aim of helping the Muslim Brotherhood implement its agenda of destabilizing Egypt.