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Cameroon beefing up security on its border with Nigeria on Boko Haram attacks

Thursday 08/April/2021 - 08:28 PM
The Reference
Ahmed Adel

Cameroon has beefed up security along its shared border with Nigeria, by deploying troops in the border area, to prevent Boko Haram militants from getting into its territory.

This comes following an escalation of Boko Haram attacks against Nigerian troops in different parts of Nigeria.

Cameroonian military authorities said the latest troop deployment along the northern border with Nigeria was made against the backdrop of intensive Boko Haram attacks in the area.

They added that they have intelligence that hundreds of Boko Haram militants are hiding in the border area with plans for attacks inside Cameroon.

The aim of the troop deployment is to protect the border area, Cameroonian military authorities said in a statement.

They added that they had advised locals to practice caution and report any strangers to the authorities.

Over 100 Boko Haram militants had attacked a military base in the northern Cameroonian village of Dabanga near the border with Nigeria, a senior official from northern Cameroon said.

The attack left a Cameroonian soldier dead and two others injured, the official added.

He noted, however, that Cameroonian troops had repelled the attack, killed 20 attackers and seized their arms.

The official warned against potential attacks by Boko Haram militants against military camps in Cameroon.

He said the Boko Haram terrorists plan to steal foodstuffs and cattle from villagers in the border area with Nigeria because they suffer a shortage of food, with the army cutting off supplies to them.