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Myanmar protesters hold 'Easter egg strikes' across the country

Sunday 04/April/2021 - 02:23 PM
The Reference

People across Myanmar protested with "Easter egg strikes" on Sunday, painting and writing anti-military slogans on eggs as a symbol of defiance and opposition to the February coup by the armed forces.

The eggs, decorated to mark Easter Sunday, were placed in public areas or photos were shared on social media.

Street protests were held in the regions of Yangon, Mandalay, Sagaing, Tanintharyi and in Kachin State, local media reported.

The largest demonstration was in Mandalay, as people from the health sector, education sector and students union all joined the strike.

As previously, the armed forces cracked down on the protests but there were no confirmed reports of deaths.

"A little chick has to come out from an egg for its birth. We, Myanmar people, have to fight with our strength as much as we can against the injustice of junta. We have to fight against them until we win," Wai Yan, an IT expert and a protester, told dpa.

Meanwhile, arrest warrants were issued for 20 more celebrities, according to the military's news channel on Saturday evening.

Many celebrities and social media influencers oppose the coup and shared their views online.

May Toe Khine, an actress who has often posted updates from Myanmar in opposition to the coup, said a warrant for her arrest had been announced on state television "for simply doing my job as a civilian: using my platform to speak out the truth."

"I will not be able to report much on here any more. Please always pay attention to news in Myanmar until we win," she said.

On Friday, 18 celebrities were to be charged for circulating material intended to cause a member of the armed forces to mutiny or disregard their duty, in line with the penal code 505(A).

The military seized control of the South-East Asian country after an election which Aung San Suu Kyi's ruling party won by a landslide. The army has violently cracked down on the ensuing protests.