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Mohamed Hamde Abulnasr: 4th Muslim Brotherhood supreme guide

Thursday 25/March/2021 - 07:15 PM
The Reference
Hossam al-Haddad

Earl life

Mohamed Hamed Abulnasr was born on 25 March 1913 in the southern Egyptian province of Assuit. He is a relative of Sheikh Ali Ahmed Abulnasr, a pioneer of Egyptian literary life and an outstanding scholar of al-Azhar.

Soon after completing his secondary education, Abulnasr worked in supervising the properties of his superrich family.

His call

Abulnasr met Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Bana in 1933. He swore allegiance to him, consequently joining in the Muslim Brotherhood.

He then became a member of the Consultative Council of the Muslim Brotherhood and then a member of the office of the Supreme Guide of the group.

Abulnasr was arrested and sentenced to a life in prison with labor following the events of 1954. He was released from jail in mid-1974. He continued to be a member of the group. In 1986 became the 4th supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This man was a member of the first generation of the Muslim Brotherhood. He bore witness to the most important events that happened in relation to the Muslim Brotherhood in the 20th century.

As supreme guide, Abulnasr guided the movement through a series of important events. These events included the success of the members of the group to gain a foothold inside the nation's professional unions and the social clubs of the universities' teaching staff.