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Farmaajo's policies threaten Somalia's political future

Friday 26/February/2021 - 03:47 PM
The Reference
Nahla Abdelmonem

Somalia goes through political turmoil induced by the mismanagement of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo whose presidential term came to an end earlier this month.

Farmaajo stands in the way of holding presidential elections to allow for a peaceful transition of power in a country suffering terrorism and power struggles already.

Some international and regional powers have called for avoiding unrest in Somalia and asked Somalis to rescue their country from sliding into violence and bloodshed.

Overlooking political agreements

Farmaajo has caused his country to enter a dark tunnel, which opens the door for a renewed wave of fighting among Somalis.

He did this by postponing the presidential elections which were slated for 8 February.

Farmaajo is takes measures to ensure his continued presence in power and prevent a peaceful transition of power in his country.

The Somali opposition is stepping up its rejection of the moves of the Somali president. This has resulted in violent clashes between the opposition and government forces.

The international community has called, meanwhile, on Somalis to restrain themselves and prioritize a peaceful track, namely by holding elections.

Farmaajo's postponement of the elections violates a September 17 agreement with the opposition and the heads of five Somali states.

The agreement was approved by the Somali parliament. It contained 15 articles that regulate the transition of power in Somalia and holding the elections.

The agreement stipulates holding the elections in February. It would give tribal chieftains the final say in the selection of the new Somali president, not ordinary voters, because of Somalia's security conditions.