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Chinese envoy to UN urges proper solution to political deadlock in Somalia

Tuesday 23/February/2021 - 12:43 PM
The Reference

China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations on Monday called on all parties in Somalia to find a proper solution to their political deadlock.

"China is concerned over the recent violent incidents in Mogadishu. We call on all parties in Somalia to exercise restraint, maintain dialogue, show flexibility and find a proper solution to the political deadlock as soon as possible," Dai Bing told the Security Council videoconference on Somalia.

The envoy expressed the hope that elections can be held sooner to restore political stability in Somalia and to "create a favorable environment" for focusing efforts on national construction.

"China welcomes the efforts of the Somali government to meet the completion point requirements to achieve debt relief for heavily indebted poor countries, and expects the international community to provide a more lenient environment for the development of Somalia," said the envoy.

"We need to help Somalia cope with humanitarian and development challenges," Dai said, adding that the compound effect of COVID-19, floods, and locust infestation have exacerbated the humanitarian situation in Somalia.

As for the security situation in Somalia, Dai said that China supports the parties in strengthening communication on the renewal of African Union Mission in Somalia to find a solution acceptable to all.

"China will continue to work with the international community to make contributions within its capacity to peace and reconstruction in Somalia," Dai said, adding that China has always been engaged in helping Somalia achieve peace and development.

"We have recently donated multiple batches of supplies to Somalia to support the country in strengthening its judicial capacity building," the envoy added.

The envoy pledged that China will also provide COVID-19 vaccine assistance to Somalia upon request.