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Lombardi: UAE essential partner of France, Brotherhood sought to destroy Arab region

Saturday 20/February/2021 - 03:07 PM
The Reference

Roland Lombardi, a geopolitical scientist and instructor in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at Aix-Marseille University, said that the terrorist Brotherhood is devoted to destroying the entire Arab region, citing the devastation and destruction that happened in Libya after 2011.

Lombardi also said that the UAE is a fundamental partner of France and is one of the countries that supported France when there was an attack on human rights in the French state.

Lombardi added that the principle of human rights is very important, but when we talk about Turkey, we find that its fascist regime does not recognize the principle of human rights and directly violates it, in addition to Ankara’s policy of oppression and tyranny against opponents of Erdogan’s Ottoman fascism.

He made it clear that France does not sever its diplomatic relationship with any country unless its interest is at stake, as happened in Syria.

The seminar is titled "Human Rights: Islamists' Weapon in Democracy Abuse".

It is held against the background of exploitation by Islamists of human rights to serve their own agendas.

The seminar is moderated by CEMO Executive Director Ahmed Youssef. Other speakers include French Senator Valerie Bouillier, and French writers Yves Thréard and Roland Lombardi.