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Roland Lombardi: US support for Qatar is dangerous

Saturday 20/February/2021 - 03:05 PM
The Reference

Roland Lombardi, a geopolitical scientist and instructor in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at Aix-Marseille University, said that the recent statements of the American presidency are something to fear, in addition to its continuous support for the State of Qatar, which has not retreated from its position in support of terrorism.

He added, "We hope that the US policy will not be followed in all fields," adding that foreign policies must depend directly on national interests before anything else.

The seminar is titled "Human Rights: Islamists' Weapon in Democracy Abuse".

It is held against the background of exploitation by Islamists of human rights to serve their own agendas.

The seminar is moderated by CEMO Executive Director Ahmed Youssef. Other speakers include French Senator Valerie Bouillier, and French writers Yves Thréard and Roland Lombardi.