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Ali expresses concern over world peace if Brotherhood is in control?

Saturday 20/February/2021 - 01:50 PM
The Reference

PARIS – Director of the Middle East Center for Studies in Paris (CEMO) Abdel Rahim Ali sent a number of questions today to the members of the European Parliament who voted last November in favor of a resolution against Egypt.

"What will you do if Egypt collapsed and became like Libya, now an abandoned geopolitical black hole where terrorists, mafias and traffickers have a free hand?" Ali asked.

He returned to ask again at a seminar organized by CEMO in Paris on the exploitation of human rights by Islamists at the office of the center in Paris about what would remain of human rights and citizenship rights if Egypt became bankrupt completely or turned into another version of the African Sahel countries after the downfall of the Muammar Gaddafi regime in Libya.

"The African Sahel has become a new epicenter of terrorism in the African continent Gaddafi, which became a center of terrorism in Africa," Ali said.

"What will happen to world peace if terrorism was allowed to strike the region by hitting in the most populated regional state?" he asked.

The seminar is titled "Human Rights: Islamists' Weapon in Democracy Abuse".

It is held against the background of exploitation by Islamists of human rights to serve their own agendas.

The seminar is moderated by CEMO Executive Director Ahmed Youssef. Other speakers include French Senator Valerie Bouillier, and French writers Yves Thréard and Roland Lombardi.