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Religious bodies uncover falsity of Brotherhood thinking

Monday 25/January/2021 - 03:51 PM
The Reference
Mustafa Kamel

Religious institutions in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia played an important role in uncovering the falsity of Muslim Brotherhood rhetoric, especially after they fell down in Egypt in June 30, 2013.

These institutions threw light on the role the Muslim Brotherhood plays in sowing the seeds of tension inside Arab countries.

They showed the extremist nature of the Muslim Brotherhood's thinking, noting that this group has nothing to do with Islam due to its continual support to terrorism and extremism inside Arab states.

Not Islam's representatives

The Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia dealt a deadly blow to the Muslim Brotherhood by designating the group as a terrorist one.

The council said this group does not represent the Islamic religion, but only works to serve its own interests.

The Muslim Brotherhood uses some verses of the holy Quran only to justify its actions, the council said.

It added in a statement that the Brotherhood's thinking is based on picking fights with rulers and spreading tensions in Arab states which makes these states prone to disunity.

The council noted that the Brotherhood had not cared about the Islamic religion since its emergence in the last century.

It only wants to receive power, the council said, noting that the history of the Muslim Brotherhood is full of evils and corruption.

Religious violation

Al-Azhar also issued a series of edicts to discredit the Muslim Brotherhood and throw light on the true nature of its thinking.

This very senior religious institution said Muslims would be committing a religious violation by joining the Muslim Brotherhood.

The holy Quran and the sayings of the prophet show that joining such groups is a violation of the true teachings of the Islamic religion, al-Azhar said in a statement.