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Brigitte Gabriel Reveals Muslim Brotherhood Plan for Destroying America

Saturday 23/January/2021 - 05:03 PM
The Reference

Decades of research indicate exactly how Muslim extremists plotted against America, to astonishing detail. 

"I am holding in my hand the Muslim Brotherhood plan for the destruction of the United States written 5-22-1991," says Brigitte Gabriel, an anti-Muslim extremist activist and commentator. 

"This plan was presented as evidence in the Holy Land Foundation Trial, the largest terrorist trial ever in the history of the United States where our government handed down 108 guilty verdicts for Muslim Americans and Muslim American organizations raising money to support terrorist organizations in the Middle East to the tune of millions."

Indeed, the documents she holds led to hundreds of convictions—everything from fundraising for terrorist organizations to conspiring with the organizations to evade branches of the United States government.