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Ali: Europe’s tragedy with Islamism began with encroachment of third Brotherhood generation in 1980s

Tuesday 08/December/2020 - 09:23 PM
The Reference

Dr. Abdelrehim Ali, head of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies in Paris, said that Europe’s true tragedy with Islamism began with the encroachment of the third generation of the Brotherhood's legions in Europe in the 1980s and 1990s. Until then, Islam or Muslims did not represent a burden or a problem within society or the French state.

“Ordinary Muslims flocked to Europe more than a century ago as merchants, scholars and students, who benefitted and exchanged experiences and transferred them to their countries or incorporated them into those new societies, while the real crisis started to surface slowly, starting with the arrival of an Islamist political group that believes a Muslim should strive to form an Islamic state in any part of the earth he stands or lives on,” Ali continued.

He mentioned that the Brotherhood considered these European countries as spoils that their people should convert to Islam and gradually take over as their rulers, believing in the six stages that its founder, Hassan al-Banna, taught them. The Brotherhood is ordered to implement these stages in any country in which they are present, namely: the Muslim human, the Muslim family, the Muslim community, the Islamic government, the Islamic caliphate, and the world mastership. That final stage expresses Banna’s fancy and ambition to fully control the world after his train had left the stations of government formation, state establishment and the alleged caliphate.

Ali said that the founders of the early Brotherhood, such as Banna, Hudhaibi, Sayyid Qutb and Fathi Yakan, used intensive education programs to instill these ideas in the minds of every sympathizer and aspirant of the group, not to mention the working member or movement cadre, so that these ideas became a "new Brotherhood Quran" a substitute for the Book of God that ordinary Muslims believe in. The Brotherhood learned in their schools of thought that these six stages come through more than one method, and begin with the call and recruitment to form the Brotherhood family system, but here it differs from the concept of the family, as it is closer to the cell in ideological organizations or partisan unity of political parties. Then the plan to reconfigure society comes by dropping its civil or secular pillars, whether they are associations, trade unions, professional or student unions, to imbibe with the concepts of the religious state that adopts ideological manifestations in all its formations, in addition to a brotherhood of creed as an alternative to a brotherhood of homeland. Discrimination becomes based on religion, then doctrine within religion, then bias towards the approach of the Brotherhood without any other groups that stem from Islam in understanding the phenomena of life and politics, and then comes the use of the concept of democracy by considering it a method of choice and not a way of life based on basic pillars, including freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of belief, so that it turns into a way to reach power and a bridge that only allows one-time passage to the other side, and finally the concepts of using violence according to the balance of power in the concerned state, or creating chaos or making alliances, even "with Satan."

“This spider strategy of the organization that hijacks Islam in France, takes advantage of every step of its official recognition, leadership, or representatives by the authorities, as happened after the Sarkozy project in 2003, which granted representatives of the group the right to represent the Muslims of France before the French authorities through free choice through mosques and federations, so they began to conclude deals with certain countries to finance the establishment of major mosques as a corridor for access to the leadership and representation of Muslims in France, and they began to form associations and unions that allowed them, through their representatives, to fully control the nascent federation that became the only legitimate representative for Muslims in France.