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The pianist of Barcelona: I could not let my brave fans down

Sunday 08/November/2020 - 12:06 AM
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Shahenda Abdelrahim Ali

Footage of a pianist in Barcelona playing a rendition of the Bangles hit Eternal Flame amid the sound of explosions, wailing sirens and protesters has gone viral on social media two days ago achieved great views.

Anti-lockdown protests have been ramping up across Europe as many countries head into more stringent Covid-19 lockdowns.

The video was uploaded on Instagram following night's furious demonstrations against new lockdown rules in the Catalan city.

In the pianist's footage, explosions go off and youths are seen hurling rocks at police vans while he plays the 1988 Bangles hit with the famous lyric: Is this burning an eternal flame?

The video spread among the singers, commenting that music sometimes defeats war and hatred, and that love and goodness prevail in the end,

Al Bawaba News had a dialogue with the pianist and talks about the video, so follow the text of the dialogue:

Hi, what is your name, how old are you when you started playing piano? What is your nationality? How long have you lived in Barcelona?

My name is Peter Geddes, 65 years old, British, and I have lived for 26 years in Barcelona.

Describe this moment while you were playing music?

In the moments of riot, people were listening to wonderful, brave guys listening to me playing, few police cars were parked nearby, but everything was under control, after a few moments the demonstration started behind me, but my wonderful audience, Brave young men stayed around to listen; So I had to find the courage to stay and play.

When did you start playing piano?

My grandmother was a pianist in Aberdeen, Scotland, and she used to say, Peter completely failed in everything; but maybe could do something special with piano, so I became what I am now thanks to her.

What do you think of what is happening in Spain?

I cannot comment on politics, I am a pianist, only talk to me about art and people.

What do you think of the recent measures taken by the government in Barcelona to confront COVID-19?

My life has not changed as I was able to play in the street despite Covid-19 and the protesters, and I am talking to you now.

What was the strangest comment you on your video and what you liked the most?

Well, I have a lot of wonderful and amazing beautiful comments that fill me with joy. I love that humanity and simplicity are still present in the world thanks to music.

Did you receive offers after your video?

Big TV channels have tried to talk to me and I often turn down them.

Why are you rejecting it?

I am not looking for fame, I like playing music in the street to people, and I have a very bad relationship with media and social networks.

Who is your favorite musician and what is your favorite Piece?

Jason Richie, he’s a former drug addict, a harmonica genius.