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Ali reveals UN efforts to solve Libyan conflict

Tuesday 06/October/2020 - 10:10 PM
The Reference


Dr. Abdelrehim Ali, head of the Middle East Studies Center, revealed the United Nations efforts to solve the Libyan crisis, which has been obstructed by Turkey, the Government of National Accord (GNA) and their affiliated terrorist militias.

Ali said that the United Nations is preparing a conference on October 15 to be held in three major cities Malta, Geneva, and Djerba, Tunisia. It will be attended by 70 Libyan personalities representing, according to the UN's choice, the parties to the conflict in Libya.

“The goal of the conference, as US President Donald Trump announced, is to choose a presidential council consisting of a president and two vice presidents (the president from the east, and one vice president each from the west and the south) in order for the presidential council to represent all the historical regions of Libya, and then to form a national unity government consisting of a president and two individuals, which will be located in Sirte as a temporary capital during the transitional period. The administrative competencies must not be affiliated with any of the parties to the conflict (independent), and they must represent all the three historical Libyan regions (east, west and south). Government personnel are to be from the west, while the Legislative Council is united and consists of the current parliament located in the east, and the High Council of State located in the west and headed by a person from the south, provided that this continues for a period of 18 months,” he stated.

Ali added, “If there is a repudiation, they will begin to unify the military and security establishment and then meet with the United Nations for 5 + 5 project to unify the military institution with five leaders from the Libyan National Army (LNA) and five leaders from the GNA, as well as unify the security services. The second track is to name the leaders of the sovereign institutions that hinder the interests of citizens in the east, west and south, such as the Central Bank, the Libyan Oil Corporation, the Libyan Continuity Foundation and the Administrative Supervision Authority.” He noted that the dilemma in all of these tracks is that the Brotherhood in Libya are supported by Qatar and Turkey and are trying to thwart this political path or pressure to be strongly present within all these institutions in order for them to have the upper hand to organize legislative and main elections.