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Austria rising up against Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday 19/September/2020 - 05:29 PM
The Reference
Aya Ezz

Austria has started taking measures to keep the lid on dangers posed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is especially true in the light of the success of this terrorist organization to infiltrate the Austrian society, which causes anger among Austrians.

Documenting political Islam

Among the measures taken by the Austrian government in this regard was the establishment of a center for documenting political Islam in Austria.

Austria pins its hopes on its experts to defeat the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist Islamist organizations.

According to Austria's largest newspaper, the Krone, the construction of the center, which started in the summer, is almost complete.

It added in a report on September 18 that the government has also forumated the structure of the board of the center.

Acting against radicalism

Austrian Minister for Integration Suzanne Raab said the center would act against radicalism and extremist organizations.

She added that the center would combine a host of experts in extremism.

"I am proud that the center would attract the best minds specialized in fighting political Islam," Raab said. "These minds will work to defeat extremist organizations," she added.

The board of the center will contain eight international experts in extremism and radicalism.

Watching the Brotherhood closely

The new center is modeled after another established in Austria sometime ago to monitor the far right in this European country.

The Austrian government has specified a preliminary budget of half a million Euros for the center. It will work to monitor the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkish organizations in Austria. This monitoring will include the mosques and social media sites.

The center will mainly analyze the thinking of extremist Islamist organizations, especially the Muslim Brotherhood. it will also document the crimes of these organizations.