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UAE’s Dar Al-Ber Society: A collar of salvation for Sudanese victims

Wednesday 16/September/2020 - 04:05 PM
The Reference
Doaa Emam

Overnight, thousands of Sudanese families were displaced by the flooding Nile River, as homes drowned and families were left homeless.

These tragic scenes motivated the Emirati Dar Al-Ber Society to launch a relief campaign that includes providing for the needs of those afflicted, including accommodation tents, blankets and clothes, in addition to food, medicine, and medical supplies in order to confront any diseases that may accompany the floods, such as malaria, so as to prevent the situation from getting worse.

The Dar Al-Ber Society launched a campaign to send field medical teams from the UAE using modern technology, so that field teams could provide medical support remotely and equip a field medical hospital and mobile clinics that provide all primary medical services and coordinate with Emirati medical teams in cooperation with health and humanitarian affairs organizations in Sudan, in addition to distributing medicines and medical supplies to those affected in the various areas most affected by the floods. This also came with full care and commitment to apply all precautionary and preventive health and proactive measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus.


Rescuing Umm Raho

Dar Al-Ber diverted the necessary aid after many families were affected, agricultural lands inundated, and livestock, which were a source of livelihood and sustenance for many residents, were destroyed. The village of Umm Raho in the Sidon region in the entire Atbara River was destroyed, including housing, institutions, and public and service facilities, while all families and residents of the area were displaced.

Dar Al-Ber Executive Director Mohammed Suhail al-Muhairi announced that the society aims to provide relief to 5,000 Sudanese families at a cost of 2.4 million dirhams, stressing that what this comes as a part of the UAE’s humanitarian policy towards the people of Sudan.

Two years ago, Dar Al-Ber sent a delegation to Sudan to confirm its support for a number of charitable activities, especially in the field of education and relief. The Emirati delegation met with the Vice President of the Sudanese Republic, and the latter affirmed overcoming all obstacles facing the work of the society and its partners in Sudan, calling for the focus to be in the areas that witnessed voluntary return and stability.


Tributary of charitable work

The Dar Al-Ber Society is a major and strong tributary of the UAE’s charitable work abroad. It carries out various projects in all brotherly countries around the world, reaching regions most in need of aid and spreading its charitable message in various poor and remote areas.

Sudanese Ambassador to the UAE Mohamed Amin Abdullah Al-Karib said that since the beginning of the current floods in Sudan, the UAE has sent three aid planes carrying tons of medical supplies and aid to those affected, supporting the efforts of workers there. He noted at the same time that Sudan’s government and people appreciate the UAE's keenness to stand with Sudan in a way that consolidates the strength and depth of brotherly relations between the two countries.

The Sudanese ambassador pointed out that the UAE's aid to Sudan is large, capable and effective, and it came at a time when the country is going through a devastating natural disaster. He added that this is not new for the UAE’s wise leadership, which has always been ready to help those afflicted in all countries of the world.