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ISIS calls on its supporters to multiply terrorist operations worldwide

Friday 29/May/2020 - 02:29 PM
The Reference
Mostafa Hamza

ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashemi al-Qurashi has called on his supporters to draw up plans and multiply operations throughout the world in the coming period, as well as to storm prisons holding ISIS elements and support the terrorist organization through advocacy, money, and immigrating to the areas it controls.
This was announced on May 28 by ISIS spokesman Abu Hamza al-Qurashi, where he said that the whole world is heading toward great affairs and that what is happening today is only a precursor to major transformations that will be witnessed by Muslim countries in the coming period. He pointed out that there will be greater opportunities than those available to the organization 10 years ago, asking his supporters to prepare to exploit these events for their benefit by terrorizing people all over the world every day.
Abu Hamza divided the world into two camps, a group of faith in which there is no hypocrisy and a group of hypocrisy in which there is no faith, placing the Arab Muslim governments and everyone who does not pledge allegiance to ISIS in the second camp and consequentially legalizing their blood and money.
He also announced made takrfir against al-Qaeda, which ISIS is grappling with over the leadership of the global terrorist movement, placing it among those he described as infidels and apostates fighting ISIS, noting that al-Qaeda elements are fighting ISIS by proxy for coalition countries in West Africa in exchange for negotiations with the Afghan government.
Abu Hamza attacked the international coalition against ISIS, claiming that Western countries would abandon it because of their preoccupation with internal crises due to the corona pandemic.
Qurashi sent several inflammatory messages during his 40-minute speech, including threats against Shiites, whom he described as the Rawafidh (deniers) of Iraq, the Alawites of Syria, the Maji of Iran, and the Houthis of Yemen, vowing that the war with them is still long and that they will be unable to counter.
The Iranian-backed Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) in Iraq also vowed heavy military confrontations after the withdrawal of American forces, pointing out that there are terrorist organizations inside Iraq that see new Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi as closer to them than former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.
The ISIS spokesman sent a message to the "tyrants" of Turkey and Qatar, saying that Qatar continues to host bases from which the coalition strikes ISIS in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, accusing Doha of financing the project to convert the fighting factions in Iraq and Syria to the war against ISIS, in addition to financing the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and the Shiite PMF with more than $1 billion.
He added that the corona virus is a divine punishment for the world because of its abandonment of supporting the jihadists and standing in the way of their alleged caliphate, declaring his joy at how the world has been affected as a result of the pandemic.