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Qatar Airways losses exceed 90%

Saturday 23/May/2020 - 03:48 PM
The Reference

Countries closed their airports internationally and then internally, for fear of spreading the disease among the citizens, namely the arrival of unknown casualties that cannot be confirmed and some countries succeeded in overcoming the negative effects of this decision, but others were unable to do so, and this step had a profound impact on them As in Doha.

After years of Qatari propaganda about its airline’s capabilities, its uniqueness, and its ability to provide unparalleled services, the Corona Virus and the precautionary measures accompanying it came to reveal the extent of Qatar’s deception and the Hammadin regime’s lying about the status of Qatar Airways around the world.

In a statement broadcast on the official television of the State of Qatar, the Chief Operating Officer of Hamad International Airport, Akbar Al-Kabir, announced that the size of the official Qatar Airways Airlines has declined by more than 75%.

In his statement, Wednesday April 1 2020, the Chief Operating Officer added that his country has failed in all plans to rescue its official airlines, as the proportion is to increase to more than 90% of the country's air fleet.

The Qatar Airways said in its statement that the number of passengers at Hamad International Airport, the country's official airport, fell to 90% compared to the period before the flight suspension crisis due to the spread of Corona virus.

According to Reuters, citing sources within the Qatar Airways company, its officials will eventually have to request government support, given that they do not have the necessary and sufficient liquidity to facilitate flights to Europe, Asia and Australia, especially as they have sufficient liquidity for a short period. very.

Consecutive losses

The losses incurred by the Qatari company are not the first of its kind, as the company suffers since the boycott of the four Arab countries represented in Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain for the Hammadin regime, June 2017.

The company announced in an official statement to it at the beginning of the current fiscal year that it will incur clear financial losses due to the Arab boycott, considering that this is due to its having to use longer air routes on its flights, especially after it was prevented from flying in the skies of the four countries, which increases the financial cost.

As a result of the Arab boycott, the number of air passages used by Qatar decreased to only two instead of 18, and the Qatari company's fiscal year 2018 recorded a decrease in the number of passengers traveling on Qatar Airways to record 29.1 million passengers compared to 32 million in 2017.

As a result of these losses, Qatar Airways suddenly laid off 200 workers, most of whom are Filipino, which Philippine Labor Secretary Sylvester Bello considered the decision incomprehensible to them.